Web Design: Costa Rica Travel & Adventure Blog

costa rica blog website design laptop Evergreen Design Studio

De la Pura Vida is a blog about Costa Rica, quitting the cubicle, and living a life unscripted. I redesign the site every one to two years to incorporate new, useful trends and functions. The internet and technology evolve so rapidly – it’s important to keep the website design and code fresh to prevent hacks, ensure it’s user-friendly, and keep it looking professional.

costa rica blog website design laptop Evergreen Design Studio
Travel blog website design mockup on black ipad Evergreen Design Studio

Designing for mobile

In 2014, mobile internet access exceeded fixed internet access. That means that more people visit your website from a mobile device than from a traditional desktop or laptop computer.

The success of a site depends on its ability to function well on mobile devices, which means a separate design needs to be made for mobile and all the many screen sizes and platforms need to be considered in the design and construction of a website. There are many ways to go about this.

For De la Pura Vida, I created a responsive site. This means that with some foresight and tweaks to the code, the web pages detect the visitor’s screen size and orientation and change the layout accordingly.