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dating coach website design Evergreen Design Studio
Michelle came to Evergreen Design Studio seeking a blog and website for her new business as a dating coach. Her desire for her business and the site was to guide women in their 30s – 50s through major life transformations through informative blog posts, e-courses, workshops, speaking engagements, books, and one-on-one coaching.
dating coach website design Evergreen Design Studio

Project Goals

  • Create a home online where Michelle can put all her content and knowledge; where people can discover all she has to offer
  • Build the site on a platform that allows Michelle to add and edit content without having to know any code
  • Make Michelle’s life easier

My Responsibilities

  • Create a customized professional look for Michelle’s new business
  • Build a WordPress website and blog with drag and drop editing capabilities
  • Create a full-featured event management platform that supports public, private, draft and recurring events; registrations; payments; RSVP (+ optional approval); locations management; and Google maps
  • Create custom how-to training videos specific to Michelle’s site
The Dating Alchemist Brand Board Evergreen Design Studio

Defining the look

The challenge here was to come up with a design that encompassed all of the ideas and themes that Michelle had for her business. The site needed to be a trustworthy resource, entertaining, exciting, and inviting. She had a lot of buzz words she wanted associated with the look: fun, sexy, honest, feminine, sultry, spiritual, nature.

After combing through competitor sites and designs that Michelle liked, I put together a few different mood boards and with some strategic design considerations, I then developed it into a brand board which guided the design of the website.

This brand board is the final product!

Homepage Concepts

The next step was to create some homepage design concepts built off a wireframe that defined clearly the goals and objectives of the website. You can see the info is basically in the same spot and it’s just the design that is changing. Having a well-defined wireframe before starting the design is very important because it helps the website achieve its goals. Form follows function!

design aesthetic work in progress version 2 Evergreen Design Studio
design aesthetic work in progress version 3 Evergreen Design Studio
design aesthetic work in progress Evergreen Design Studio

Building the Pages

After all the pages were mocked up in Photoshop and approved, the next step was to build them on the website. Here is the layout of the homepage and blog post page.

dating coach home page website design Evergreen Design Studio
dating coach blog page design Evergreen Design Studio