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Logos and complete branding identity solutions designed to give your business a professional, recognizable look so you can inspire loyalty, connect, communicate, and impress.

Logo Design & Branding Services

Logo Design Services

Word logos or icon and word marks to visually represent your business and create recognition.

Full Service Identity Branding

Promote recognition, set yourself apart from the competition, communicate your company culture, provide motivation and direction for your staff, generate referrals, set up expectations, create clarity, stay focused, connect with your customers emotionally, and inspire loyalty.

Logo and Branding Pricing

Logo design pricing starts at $795 for a custom logo. Branding starts at $2395.

A custom logo at $795 will include:

  • Company Questionnaire
  • Competitor Research
  • 2 Conceptual Logo Designs
  • 2 Revision Rounds on Chosen Design
  • Final File Formats of Logo for Various Situations

Read more about the differences between logos and branding below.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between a logo and branding?
A brand (or brand experience) is the relationship between an organization and an audience. It encompasses much more than the visuals (e.g., company culture, how you answer the phone, values, etc).

A brand identity (or identity system) is the visuals representing the brand (e.g., colors, fonts, logo, styles, and more).

A logo is business jargon for a trademark made of custom-lettered words that form an identifying mark to signal a business entity. Sometimes you’ll see this accompanied by an icon or as a custom illustration drawn into the words. One is not better than the other – it just depends on the organization’s needs.

For those of you who are visual learners, I’ve created this handy visual graphic to illustrate the difference between a brand, identity, and a logo.

difference between a logo, brand, and brand identity

I saw logos for sale on Fiverr for $5, why do yours start at $795?
I am an experienced professional and my logo packages promise to deliver a custom, well-researched logo design that brings value to your business. The cheap logos for sale on Fiverr are often cheap recycled templates created by novices, and they’re not researched at all. The designer isn’t making enough money to spend time researching or educating herself, so you’ll end up with a logo that doesn’t stand out among the competition and might even alienate your customer base.

You are the decision maker. Do you want your image to look professional and to feel confident that it’s a good solution or do you want to look cheap, hasty, and unthoughtful?

If you have no money to invest in a professional logo, I’d advise just creating a mark from your business name from a custom font and skipping the cheap Fiverr clipart logo experience until you can afford the real deal. You can Google what types of emotions each type of font (serif vs. sans serif vs. script) portrays and pick the one that most aligns with the impression you want your business to give. Pick a good font – one that naturally kerns well, and don’t alter the shape other than size. You can Google more info on that, too.

One more option is to invest in a branding template made by a professional designer, but that is not sold in a mass market. These offer more value than mass market templates because they are not as widely used and they were created by someone with a lot of experience in design and researching brands. Check the branding templates out here if you truly have no budget for investing upfront in your success.

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