Logo Design: Arthur Agatston Healthier Options for Public Schoolchildren


The Arthur Agatston Research Foundation did a multi-year study that exchanged the unhealthy food in public schools for healthier options from the same source for the same cost. They proved that healthier options for public schoolchildren are a tangible reality. The also proved that schoolchildren welcomed the healthier foods, performed better in school, and were happier and at home while consuming healthier food on the HOPS program.

The logo was designed to work well in both one and two color applications. I incorporated an apple as a representation of food, health, and school. I treated the font with imperfect lines to give it a more organic and younger feel, less rigid, representative of growth and the age of the children. The logo can be effectively used with or without the text and lines below it.

Overall, this logo is a huge success because it is a memorable mark, works well in many applications, and it conveys the ethos of the HOPS project and the Agatston brand.

My logo design process always begins with brainstorm sketching and research.

The logo works in full color as well as one color and can be used in many different applications.

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