Logo Design: USC’s First-Year Reading Experience Program and Event


logo design first year reading experience usc Evergreen Design Studio
logo design t shirt book cover bag first year reading experience usc Evergreen Design Studio

The University of South Carolina initiated the First-Year Reading Experience in 1993 to provide incoming first-year students with a common experience – a book to read during the summer followed by a week of programming in September, including an opportunity for students to hear from the author, share and learn from instructors and peers.

I emphasized “experience” in the logo because that is the most important element – the experience of reading the same book, then sharing similar or different interpretations and life stories with peers, instructors, and even the author. It broadens horizons and also creates a bonding experience for the students. The book coming off the i in experience is open and flying symbolizing learning and growth. The font has wide appeal and is friendly and inviting. The colors are garnet and black – USC’s colors.

The logo has two versions – one used for the program in general on books, products, and the website. The other with a bar at the bottom with the current year’s book title and date to be used on event t-shirts and marketing materials.

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