Logo Design: Travel Photography Academy


travel photography logo mockup silver foil Evergreen Design Studio
travel photography logo mockup Evergreen Design Studio
Gary needed a logo for his new travel photography course. He wanted something that would work well in black and white, but could also be very colorful and appeal to a very specific target market.

Some of his most striking and memorable photos are of remote mountain landscapes. They really suck you in and hold you captive in all the detail and beauty. I incorporated mountains into the logo to represent him as the instructor and travel as a theme. The surrounding geometric shape is representative of a part inside the camera lens. This logo came together really well in concept and in shape. I’m really please with the rotational geometric shape that keeps your eye inside of it. I also love how the mountain shape is the same flipped upside down in the negative space!

Travel Photography Academy Logo Design Black Evergreen Design Studio
Travel Photography Academy Logo Design Color Evergreen Design Studio

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