Web Design for Journalist & Photographer

Lindsay Fendt journalist website featured image Evergreen Design Studio
Lindsay Fendt is an environmental and human rights freelance journalist and photographer. She discovers and investigates amazing stories in Latin America and pitches the ideas to various publications. When she pitches, the editors want to see examples of her work in one place.

She had a website she did herself, but the content was outdated and the look was amateur. She desperately needed an update and hired me to come to the rescue and redesign her website so that it would reflect her professionalism and get her hired by more publications.

Lindsay Fendt journalist website featured image Evergreen Design Studio

Project Goals

  • Create a home online for all of Lindsay’s best work, a professional portfolio of her articles and photographs
  • Build the site on a platform that allows Lindsay to easily edit the site without having to know any code

My Responsibilities

  • Create an updated professional look for Lindsay
  • Organize the site content and Lindsay’s articles and photographs so that they look their best and editors can easily find what they are looking for when they come to the site
home page hover over name Evergreen Design Studio

Defining the look

While working on this project, I became familiar with Lindsay’s style of work and was able to inject its spirit in to the design. The color palette was chosen to make her photographs look their best and to convey a message of seriousness, courage, and determination. Black and red are also significant colors in the world of journalism – ink and editing. The background is textured, like Lindsay’s stories and photographs. So much meaning in this elegant design – I love it!

Lindsay’s name turns red when the user hovers and clicks on it. Enlarge the image to see the rich background texture.

Building the Pages

Lindsay had very specific ideas about how she wanted her site organized – she wanted a home page with a giant automatic image slider to highlight a few of her best photographs. She needed pages for her writing portfolio, photography portfolio, video portfolio, biography and contact, and a page to feature themed photography galleries and photo essays. The goal here was to make it easy for editors to find what they are looking for on her website and to display the work in the best looking way possible.


Click the image to open a slideshow of the website pages
Freelance journalist website design mockup with camera on ipad Evergreen Design Studio

The Results

It’s a success! But don’t take my word for it, see what Lindsay has to say:

“I contacted Erin for help with my portfolio website after years of trying to manage it on my own. I had a very clear idea what I wanted and Erin understood and executed it perfectly. She was available to answer all of my questions and took the time to train me on how to use the site after it was done. I would recommend her to anyone looking to professionalize their website.”