Website Design: Rich Coast Accounting

rich coast accounting website design laptop Evergreen Design Studio

Rich Coast Accounting & Financial Services carried 20 years of experience in to a new business to help the many US citizens in Costa Rica who need help managing their accounting and financial needs. They needed a website to formalize an online presence, attract new customers, generate leads, and serve as a credentials site to making a great impression on the many clients they planned to network with in person.

rich coast accounting website design laptop Evergreen Design Studio

Project Goals

  • Generate leads online
  • Rise as quickly as possible in Google search results
  • Build on a platform that allows the client to edit the site without having to know any code
  • Create a presence online that boasts credentials and features the business’ offerings

My Responsibilities

  • Develop a look for Rich Coast Accounting that reflects their philosophy and competes with others in their field
  • Organize the services and information in to a professional, user-friendly website
  • Optimize the code and content for search engines to give the site its best chance of rising to the top of search results
Website Initial Sketch Organization RC Evergreen Design Studio

Planning the Site

Robert from Rich Coast wanted to put a lot of information on his site. It was my job to take the information he had written, organize it, and find the best place possible for it on the site, while creating a look and ensuring that visitors to the site had multiple opportunities to be converted into customers in a pleasant way.

I always start a website by sketching out the organization, flow, and structure. This ensures a user-friendly experience.

Defining the look

The term Rich Coast is the translation of Costa Rica and a very clever name for a Costa Rican financial business targeting English-speakers. I wanted to carry this cleverness through the look of the website. I used rich dark blues and warm earth tones to convey feelings of trust, confidence, and elegance. I incorporated subtle textures reminiscent of textiles found in posh tropical get-a-ways. I chose a serif font for its classic roots in history. These elements combined together to form a very elegant, classy site that appealed to US citizens in Costa Rica on a very deep level.

Accounting Website Initial Designs Evergreen Design Studio
rich coast accounting website design ipad mockup Evergreen Design Studio

The Results

The site design and build exceeded Robert’s expectations. He says the site “brought scores of unsolicited business and new clients. In fact, if you google my services, I am not only on the first page of google, but the first couple of listings. In the competitive climate of financial and accounting services, this has helped me realize many new clients.”