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Pricing for New Websites

Website design with development, installation, and setup starts at $5825. Contact Erin for a brief strategic discovery session and estimate for your custom business needs. 

A basic website design is perfect for a brochure-type website, which would include:

  • 1 custom design for 1 – 5 pages of content (Additional pages can be purchased. Our strategy and thorough research will reveal whether your content is best served on 1 page or split into multiple pages.)
  • A professional site built on an industry leading content management system (CMS), WordPress
  • One year of domain registration or a free transfer
  • One year of website hosting
  • On-site social media integration
  • Mobile friendly, fully responsive website design
  • Great-looking, user-friendly, professional design
  • Logo integration plus custom color and image scheme following your brand guidelines
  • Contact form
  • Full control and ownership of your site upon completion

Other services we offer that you might need to add on include:

  • Multiple custom designs
  • Blog design (that can be used to generate traffic, highly recommended for SEO)
  • SEO Tools
  • Traffic analytics package to monitor the traffic on your site and collect information such as behavior on site and demographics
  • Built-in RSS for easy integration with other technologies
  • Social media sites setup & designed: Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, LinkedIn
  • Site maintenance plan to keep your site healthy and secure
  • Video training for sections you wish to manage yourself
  • Email marketing setup with industry leading email marketing service, including email subscriber form on website
  • Keyword research for search engine marketing and SEO
  • Professional copywriting services
  • Access to professional stock photo collection or image search services
  • E-Commerce setup so you can sell products or services on your website and receive payments electronically

Contact us now for a brief strategy session and receive a free estimate.

What My Customers Are Saying

Don’t just take it from me, let my clients do the talking!

I contacted Erin for help with my portfolio website after years of trying to manage it on my own. I had a very clear idea what I wanted and Erin understood and executed it perfectly. She was available to answer all of my questions and took the time to train me on how to use the site after it was done. I recommend Evergreen Design Studio to anyone looking to professionalize their website.

Lindsay Fendt


Erin designed and built a website for my start-up accounting and tax business in Costa Rica – the important part as a non-techie person is to have a website that invites people to read and browse through and ultimately provides new client opportunities. That is what she did. My website has brought scores of unsolicited business and new clients. In fact, if you google my services, I am not only on the first page of google, but the first couple of listings. In the competitive climate of financial and accounting services, this has helped me realize many new clients. I recommend Erin and Evergreen Design to any of you who are looking for these kinds of results.

Robert Pioso

President and Founder, Rich Coast Accounting and Financial Services

I needed a new website to reflect my new business, but only had a rough idea of what I wanted to project. Erin was recommended to me by an editor who also uses her services. She was a delight to work with. She skillfully listened to my concepts and helped organize the page and content flow, offering expert advice for SEO. Erin suggested fonts, logos and images to support my ideas that were original and spot on. Easy to work with, prompt in responses, and extremely creative. I highly recommend Evergreen's services!

Faith A. Mulvihill

Owner, Costa Rica Events

Evergreen’s Website Design and Development Process

There are three basic stages to the website design and development process here at Evergreen Design Studio. They are: planning, building, and maintaining. Let’s elaborate on each stage, so you’ll know exactly what to expect when you buy a new website from me.

Stage 1: Planning

I’ll start off by asking you a lot of questions about the purpose of your website, the goals of your website, your target audience, and what type of content will be on the site. I’ll gather information about your business and competitors. I’ll research your industry, competition, and target market.

After I’ve gathered all the information and you’ve submitted all the content, I’ll create something called a sitemap. A sitemap is basically an outline of your site that will show the topics, subtopics, and will list any functionality needed. The sitemap acts as a guide for the site and is essential for developing a successful navigation system and for defining what technologies will be needed (e.g., interactive forms, a shop, etc.).

After you sign off on the sitemap, I’ll build wireframes for specific pages on your site. Wireframes in web design are like architectural plans in home construction. They’re not the final design, they won’t be pretty, but they will show what goes where and are essential to ensuring that the design serves the function of the site.

Stage 2: Building

After you’ve signed off on the wireframes, I’ll move on to designing the home page. Depending on what we agreed upon, you’ll get 1-3 versions to choose from and 2-4 rounds of edits. The home page is the most important page in the design because it will define the look for your entire site. After you sign off on the home page, I’ll move on to the subsequent pages while development begins.

Development is the part where we code the design, so that it works on the internet. Your site will be developed on a staging site which means you’ll be able to view your site live on the web without it being live on your URL (your domain). This allows us to release the website in its final form, so no one except us will see the building process.

Throughout the development process, we’ll be testing your site on various devices and platforms to ensure a consistent experience for users. After I receive your final approval, the site will go live! It’s officially launched!

Stage 3: Maintaining

Some of my web design packages include web maintenance for 3-6 months after the build because it is so important and I want to ensure a smooth transition. It’s important to understand that you need to care for your website after it’s been built. It’s like buying a car – you can’t just neglect it after you buy it or it will break eventually. You have to change the oil, rotate the tires. After your package expires, I offer web maintenance packages at reduced rates, so you can rest easy knowing someone is behind the scenes making sure everything runs smoothly and you can avoid any unexpected costly repairs.

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