Print Materials You Need for Your Online Shop

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At Evergreen Design Studio, we understand the stress that comes with getting the right print materials for your online shop. And we are here to take that off your to-do list.  Imagine getting hands-on guidance on which print material will best suit your brand’s needs and saving time and money by letting us handle your print, design, and web needs.  We can provide you with design, marketing, and printing solutions that will ensure brand consistency and business growth.   There are a lot of marketing options available, but one effective way to keep your brand on top of people’s mind is the use of print marketing materials. Print materials are marketing materials designed and printed to communicate the essence of your brand and your unique offer to customers. There are a ton of print materials that will help boost marketing for your online shop and we will be talking about them in a moment. But before that, let’s talk about why you need print materials for your online shop.

Reasons why you should get print materials for your online shop

  1. Printed materials allow you to run direct mail marketing campaigns which can get your business a response rate that is 30x higher than email.
  2. They boost brand recognition. These materials take on the unique design elements associated with your brand which makes it easy for people to recognize your brand.
  3. A print campaign can be easily worked into your budget and is paid with a few campaigns or maybe less (depending on your industry).
  4. There is no restraint on customization. You can design whatever you want and how you want it. One of the most exciting things about print design is the ability to work with textures and in the 3D space, so you are touching more than the visual sense with your marketing materials
  5. They add to the professionalism of your brand.
  6. They continuously advertise your brand for free, for as long as people come in contact with them unlike digital ads which often require that you pay per view or click.

Now, you know how printed materials can help your online shop, let’s talk about the various print materials you need.

Print Materials you need for your online shop

Like I said, there are a ton of print materials to choose from. Here are some ideas of materials you can get for your online shop.

Business Cards

Business cards provide immense value to your brand.  They:

  • create a great first impression of your brand.
  • give a personal touch to exchanging contact information.
  • make you look professional as opposed to asking people to type your contact details on their phone.
  • help people to visually commit your business to memory.
  • are portable so you can take them wherever you go and access them whenever you need them. 

Business card design and printing is important because these cards do a quick introduction of who you are, what you do, and how you can be reached. They are an easy way to spread the word to prospective customers that your brand exists.  Not only that, sending a card in your delivery packages gives a personal touch to your transaction. It is a subtle reminder to your customers to stay in touch with you and spread the word, if they really love your product or service. 


Postcards are another way to get the word out about your online shop.  They are usually sent to specific individuals (your target demographic) through direct mail with a direct mail marketing campaign. Your postcard design can contain any message. You can make it a product information card, a thank you card, an invitation to an event, an announcement of a new product or service, a promotional offer, etc.  Postcards give a personal touch to your marketing and keep your brand alive offline, which makes it more likely for your customers to become repeat buyers.  Looking for quality yet affordable custom and design and printing? Evergreen Design Studio has creative, custom and results-oriented design solutions that will help grow your business. Click here to get started on your first printing material.


Catalogs showcase your products and services in a booklet that can be flipped through. The essence of a catalog is to spark your customer’s interest in a product or service they might have overlooked while shopping on your website.  Your catalog should contain attention-grabbing headlines and images. It should also include details about each product or offer. You could even include a short backstory to each product.   Whether it is an online catalog or paper print, catalogs entice your customers to buy your products. 


Brochures are printed in the form of leaflets and pamphlets. Brochures usually contain a  description of your products or services and how they benefit your customers. Brochures can also be used to promote special events like sales or conferences. You can include a brochure in your package to a customer or give them out in trade shows or conferences.  Just like catalogs, you can have a digital copy on your website. They are not limited to offline interactions. 


Stickers are a fun, cheap, and effective way to advertise your brand name.  With the right messaging and design, your stickers will catch the eye of anyone that sees it. Your stickers have to be creative and appealing. They serve as fun reminders that your brand exists. They can be placed on almost any visible exterior, from indoor surfaces like table tops to outdoor objects like car bumpers.  So, when you are sending the next batch of deliveries, do not forget to put a sticker or two in each package. 

Labels / Roll Labels

As a small business owner, you should consider label design and printing for package design such as bottle labels or for applying to your shipping materials.  Labels contain the company’s logo and are usually used for product packaging. Roll labels are labels that are placed on a roll of thick paper that can be used by hand or with a special label machine. Instead of being produced individually, labels are produced in bulk. This helps you save money.  Labels are similar to stickers but they are printed on special paper using a special printing technique that 

  • displays small fonts better which is crucial when working with limited space especially when you need to display FDA guidelines like nutritional info or disclaimers
  • stands up better to the elements like exposure to water or steam from a shower or kitchen . 
  • can be designed to fit a custom area

Hang Tags / Folded Hang Tags

Hang tags are tags attached to a product that tells you more about the product and its proper care, sometimes including the price of the product. They are usually small, around the size of a  business card.  You can decide whatever is printed on your hang tag or how many tags you want attached to the product. However, your hang tag should include basic branding elements like your logo, your colour scheme and your tag line.  Hang tags are absolutely necessary if you have a clothing store.

How can you get the print materials you need for your online shop?

Once you have decided which print materials to go for, the next step is getting them printed. You need a professional designer who is not just skilled at design but also at marketing and strategy. Your designer should be able to help you determine which print materials best suits your marketing needs and create designs that best communicate your brand’s message to your customers. 

We at Evergreen Design Studio take it a notch further. We help you create your marketing strategy and ensure that your print materials actually grow your business.  To get started and for inquiries about pricing and availability, contact us here to leave a message.